The Shoulder Seasons CSA includes 6 months of farm goods when you need them most - 3 months in spring/summer and 3 more months in fall/early winter.  Your share will vary with the seasons from early spring greens and sprouts to late fall storage crops such as winter squash, potatoes, and garlic.  The Fall/winter weeks will also feature prepared cottage foods such as sun-dried tomatoes and sauerkraut and both seasons include farm-baked sourdough breads and eggs from our pastured poultry.  

Spring/Summer sample items (May through mid-July): Spinach, mesclun, kale, arugula, peas, radishes, sweet turnips, broccoli rabe, chinese cabbage, green onions, and herbs.

Fall/winter sample items (mid - August - mid-November):  all of the above plus; squash, garlic, potatoes, beets, carrots, parsnips, cabbage, collards, chard, peppers and the last of the summer tomatoes, beans and cucumbers.

Shoulder Seasons CSA Share 2021