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Reasons 1 and 2 of Ten Reasons for Joining a CSA

Last week we posted a link to a study showing that women who gardened together felt more vigorous and friendly, or in other words – happy.


Certainly, this could apply to all of us, not just women, but men and children as well. So, a reason to join a CSA is…

1. To be happier

And a second reason to join a CSA is….

2. Because the bees need you, almost as much as you need them.

Flowering food plants, grown without pesticides and herbicides, like those at Woolly Goat Farm, provide honey bees and the hundreds of native bee species in Colorado with safe foraging habitat. Be part of a pollinator-friendly food system, by joining a CSA. We will have some resident hives of honey bees as farming partners this summer. Come visit and see them at work pollinating your cucumbers and tomatoes and peas and squash and raspberries, etc.

Coming soon - Reason #3

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