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All Wool and a Yard Wide*

Finally! The ovine crew got their turn at winter field prep this week.

Sign up for a CSA share at Woolly Goat Farm and come spring this could be you - munching on some cool, crisp greens.

As a CSA member, you choose what you like from each week's harvest. Pick-up is at the farm so that shareholders may dally in the garden picking herbs and edible flowers to accompany their week's share of vegetables.

Want to test the waters before you dive into a regular farm share? Try the Early Spring Share. Not only will you receive the first greens of the season starting in March, but also a weekly package of eggs from our pastured hens and a loaf of farmhouse sourdough bread - breakfast in the making! The Early Spring Share runs from late March until the regular share begins at the end of May.

Visit our website for more details or to purchase a share of the 2018 harvest.

*As shepherds, we are always on the lookout for idioms that accurately portray our sheep's personalities. "All wool and a yard wide" refers to high quality cloth and is used to characterize someone who is genuinely good, honourable, and truly as described. And, when you are growing wool like these two, the idiom is literally true as well.

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