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Winter to Spring at Woolly Goat Farm

Has Spring Sprung?

With its wild leaps from thawing mud and the inklings of green, to snow and icy wind, this time of year can be challenging..

As I write this, the chickens are fluffed up in the barn waiting out the current zero degree cold snap. The tiny sprouts in the greenhouse are covered in multiple layers of frost cloth and hay - also waiting until the sun comes back out and spring comes marching back in.

In the meantime…the fuzzier farm members are enjoying the snow….

Meet Gladys - the newest Woolly Goat! Here she is showing off her dazzling moorit fleece against the show backdrop.

Moorit is an old Icelandic word that translates to 'as red as the moors'. She pretty much looks like a little yak. With her inquisitive and rather assertive nature, Gladys has quickly made herself at home in the flock.

CSA Shares and Eggs

The chickens don’t care what the groundhog thinks and just turn up their egg production as the days lengthen. The Barnstand will be stocked with eggs by mid March. Text for hours or stop by and check the chalkboard for availability.

If you haven’t signed up for your 2023 CSA share, now is the time! Share distribution will start up in late April, assuming the weather cooperates.

See the website for more information on this year’s share options -

Email or text if you have questions:


Happy Almost-Spring,


Groundhog Night Moonrise


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